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Style: N5 - Our first natural lash ribbon with round fibers. This lash ribbon gives you a soft wispy tapered tip look.

**If you plan on cleaning and reusing these, don't leave them in isopropyl alcohol longer than 5 mins because these round fibers are fragile**

Band color: Black

Band makeup: Glue base band

Lash thickness: 0.07mm

Fiber: PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)

Length of Lash Ribbon: ~6 inches / 15 cm

# of segments in lash ribbon: 28

Round lashes

All of our lash ribbons and adhesives are vegan and cruetly-free.

*Model is wearing N5 12mm D curl


Do it yourself eyelashes just got more interesting.. Grab your scissors and cut this lash ribbon into smaller segments of your liking. 


See below to help you choose by deciding if you want short, medium or long lashes. 

Lengths in mm

8mm   = Short

10mm = Short

12mm  = Medium

14mm  = Medium

16mm = Long

18mm = Long


How I created the worlds first Lash Ribbon™

As a mom, I'm busy with the kids. That means I no longer had time to put makeup on nor lashes. I went without makeup for around ~2 years! 

Finally when I did have time to apply makeup and lashes, my strip lashes would KILL my eyelids! The strip lashes would hurt the inner corner and outer corner of my eyelids EVERY SINGLE TIME I BLINKED!  

The strip lashes made it so uncomfortable, I literally ripped them off within 5 mins of wearing them.  

Strip lashes never bothered me before but some how, I guess when you grow wiser (aka older) your eyelids loosen up. 

So now I'm like "well darn!". Then I came up with an idea! Since I just wanted a "natural" everyday look, I cut up the lashes and LINX was born. 

I came up with the name "Lash Ribbon™" and it took me a year to create the first Lash Ribbon™.

Thousands of hours talking to manufacturers and thousands of dollars in samples of lashes, glues, tools. Some of these items I'm still perfecting while typing this out.  

LINX = "links" of lashes to make a complete strip 

That's my story. Welcome to my world.

- Se

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love at first application!

I am in L.O.V.E! This is my first application & I fell in love right away. The spines are not thick which make them very comfortable. I applied D-curl N5's, 2x8mm, 2x10mm & 2x12mm (inner to outer), slightly overlapped on Saturday & it is now Tuesday. None of them have budged. I was a Lashify-fiend but honestly, they are too expensive! LINX will now be my go to. I don't know how they will hold up with laundering, but if they don't, I will not feel guilty tossing them out. I can afford them! I also ordered some N3's & V1's (8mm-12mm). I like the natural look with just a little uhmph**. I am totally excited!! I want these to stay on for as long as they will but then I can't wait to put my new next set on. LOL. Can anyone blame me? The picture is not fresh, it is 4 days worth of wear, can you ladies tell?

Joyce May
Best brand I've tried so far

So I started with Lashify last year and they are just so expensive so I thought I would start trying Tash's recommendations from YouTube and my journey began. All in all Kiss Falscara Lengthening Wisp's we're my holy grail until I discovered Linx. I love a softer look but I have had to sacrifice band strength and my lash's are very fine so nothing had much staying power over 4 days for me. Linx has the band strength and the softer looking lash's I needed. The staying power of that band stayed on far longer than anything previously tried and they look so beautiful! I absolutely love them and the price is amazing for such a great lash!

Eunsol Chang
Doesn't last long

The glue definitely doesn’t last longer than 1-2days, it’s just like normal lash glue. But the lashes are high quality and very light. I loved the lashes

Everyday glam

I ordered these in 12 mm and 10 mm and they are so perfect for beginners like me!!! The cluster size makes it really easy to apply! I also got the N1s, which are gorgeous on, but their smaller cluster size makes it a bit tricker for me to apply. And of course, the thin band is a dream! It took me 3 rounds of applications to really get it down, but I feel like a pro now! I add a small amount of glue at the base of my lashes and also to the cluster spine. That has worked best for me in terms of longevity. Adds the perfect amount of pizazz for my every day mom life!

Patricia Giraldi

Haven’t received them yet