How to wash your face with DIY lashes on




So you have your DIY lashes on and now you need to wash your face and you're wondering how because our lash adhesive isn't waterproof. 

Our lash adhesive is water-resistant, meaning it can take a splash or two of water but not full blown soaked in water. 

Firstly, remove all makeup around the eye area and face. If you're using oil based makeup remover, please be careful because oils can break down our lash adhesive, minimizing your lash retention. 

Now think of your face as two sections. First section being under your eye to your chin. Second section being your eyebrows to your forehead. 

You can use any wash cloth, microfiber makeup remover cloth, facial sponge, etc. 

I like to start washing my face using the "first section" first then moving on to the second section. 

Once both sections are completed, using my damp wash cloth (or whatever I'm using to wash my face) I clean around my eye and lash area. You can absolutely do this part first then wash your face sections. 

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