Eyelash Applicator
Eyelash Applicator

Eyelash Applicator

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Our magic applicator is made to make your diy eyelash application seamless.

See below to help you choose by deciding if you want short, medium or long lashes. 

Lengths in mm

8mm   = Short

10mm = Short

12mm  = Medium

14mm  = Medium

16mm = Long

18mm = Long

As a mom, I'm busy with the kids. That means I no longer had time to put makeup on nor lashes. I went without makeup for around ~2 years! 

Finally when I did have time to apply makeup and lashes, my strip lashes would KILL my eyelids! The strip lashes would hurt the inner corner and outer corner of my eyelids EVERY SINGLE TIME I BLINKED!  

The strip lashes made it so uncomfortable, I literally ripped them off within 5 mins of wearing them.  

Strip lashes never bothered me before but some how, I guess when you grow wiser (aka older) your eyelids loosen up. 

So now I'm like "well darn!". Then I came up with an idea! Since I just wanted a "natural" everyday look, I cut up the lashes and LINX was born. 

Thousands of hours talking to manufacturers and thousands of dollars in samples of lashes, glues, tools. Some of these items I'm still perfecting while typing this out.  

LINX = "links" of lashes to make a complete strip 

That's my story. Welcome to my world.

- Se

Customer Reviews

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Anna Brutsky
Tried it & have converted!

I have always used my own lashing tweezers to apply and fuse. I have tried different types and always go back to the same ones. I received my linx applicator and tips and have not used my others since.
The applicator is big enough to cover space, yet small enough to work in precise sections(if that makes sense). There is no wierd gap when pressing down/fusing. They are super comfortable use too. You can use them with the bend away from your eyes or towards your eyes! I use both techniques for different sectiins after applying.