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Mittens are made for our Linx applicator only. They come in handy when you need to clamp the false lashes and your natural lashes together to reduce any tackiness. 

Slide them onto your applicator and they're ready to do their job. 

Includes 5 pairs of silicone mittens. 

Applicator is sold separately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Evelyn J.

Love the mittens. They are perfect. Keeps the lashes from sticking when I press it. I bought a 2nd applicator just so I don't have to remove the mittens.


The tool I didn’t know I needed but so glad I got it!

Kitchelle S.
Too thick

In theory, this is what one would want to clamp the lashes together. However, once they're put on the eyelash applicator, they are just waaaay too thick. If you put the glaze on the inside of the mittens to help seal your lashes... boy. The glaze will get everywhere cause of how thick the mittens are. If they can be redesigned so they aren't so thick and wide, I think they would be a winner.

Tracy H.

I would recommend that everyone buy the mittens. They are a game changer!! I haven’t perfected the art of gluing yet, every time I try to clamp the lashes down they stick to the tweezers and off come the lashes. I just used the mittens for the first time today and the lashes stuck to my lashes not the tweezers they went on so easy and stayed on!! I wish I would have bought them sooner would have saved me so much time and frustration!

Lash tool and mittens

The lash tool and mittens are, by far, the best I've used. I've used them every day since I got them. I've used them on wet glue, damp eyelashes and dry glue. If you're on the fence about spending $20 for the pair, do it! You will not be disappointed. I should have purchased these months ago.

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