How To Remove DIY Lash Extensions

It’s so easy to remove our at home DIY lashes!

Yep, you can use any oil based makeup remover or dual-phase makeup remover.

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  1. Grab our oil-based remover.
  2. Drip 1-2 drops of remover right on to your lashes or drip 1-2 drops onto clean fingers. 
  3. Massage the remover into lashes. Really let the remover do its job. 
  4. Your Linx lash ribbons/ lashes should fall right off along with any adhesive. 
  5. If needed, take a cotton swab and drip 1-2 drops on there. Take the cotton swab with remover and remove any remaining adhesive on your natural lashes. 
  6. Follow with your favorite cleanser to remove the oil-based remover. 


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