How To Remove Your DIY Lash Extensions

It’s so easy to remove our DIY lashes!

Yep, you can use any oil based makeup remover or dual-phase makeup remover.

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  1. Grab your dual-phase makeup remover
  2. Grab a Q-tip or cotton round
  3. Soak your Q-tip or cotton round in the dual-phase makeup remover
  4. If using Q-tip, gently brush the top and underneath of your upper lashes and watch the lashes fall off. 
  5. If using cotton round, with eye closed, leave cotton round on top of your lashes for 1 min or 2 and the lashes should fall right off of your natural lashes. 
  6. Clean up the remainder adhesive on your lashes with a spooly until natural lashes are left clean. 


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