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*IMPORTANT* Use your fingers to remove the lashes from packaging. Pinch lash fibers and pull away from tape slowly.


WINX offers multiple lengths and curls for a voluminous cat eye lash look. 

Pre-mapped and ready to apply. Great for DIY lash beginners or for those days you don't want to create a lash map. 

  • Range of lengths: 7mm-15mm
  • Includes 3 sets of lashes
  • Cat eye look
  • C curl
  • Voluminous with multiple curls
  • Comes with 5 clusters per eye

An easy and breezy guide on applying DIY lashes with lash clusters and lash ribbons.

Step 1 A: Lash Ribbons - Get those lash ribbons ready by snipping them with our scissors made just for cutting lashes into the perfect size you desire!

Go to Step 1 B if you have precut lash clusters

Step 1 B: If using lash clusters then pick up the lash cluster up with your fingers off the double sided tape: 

Step 2: 
Apply DIY lash glue to the top side of the lash clusters

Step 3: Apply DIY lash glue to the under side of your natural lashes. Focusing just at the base of your natural lashes. DO NOT RUN THE GLUE THROUGH LIKE MASCARA. 

Step 4: Apply the cluster lashes to your natural lashes. See placement photo first.


Step 5: Wait 1 min and clamp your natural lashes and the false lashes together with your lash applicator. Using mittens are super helpful in this step. 

Step 6: (Optional) Apply lash sealer to keep out moisture and reduce tackiness. 


Now you're done! If it's your first time - placement will be a struggle but don't give up! Like anything new, you will have some issues the first time but once you do it a few time you'll get more and more comfortable. 

We recommend you wear these at home lashes for 2-5 days then remove. We have a gentle remover that will help with this process. 

Here's the link to learn how to remove DIY lashes 

Shipping Times:

United States: ~5 - 7 Business Days

Canada: ~14 - 20 Business Days

Return Policy: Due to the natural of our products, all sales are final. Find out more here

Are they waterproof?
No our lash adhesive is not waterproof. However, it is Water-resistant: able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

How long can you wear the lashes for?
You can wear the lashes between 2-5 days.

How do you remove the lashes?
It's easier if we show you here

What is the difference between C and D curl?
Here's a visual for you

How do I wash my face with the lashes on?
Here's a video on how to wash your face with our lashes on.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Not enough

I wanted to like these so bad! :( I don't think I have big eyes, but clearly not small enough for these lash clusters. I have tried different brands but I have never ran out clusters to use until now. I had to use more than half of the other lash set. So, for one set that filled my eye completely, I basically use two sets.


They do not last they way they advertised. My eyes water in my sleep and I found myself replacing the lashes daily

Not enough cluster

Unfortunately, not enough clusters/segments. I needed a couple more clusters/segments at the end. I tried rearranging them to make it fit, but it just didn’t look right on my larger hooded eyes. Also, some segments were so tiny ( like the inner corner cluster), once I opened my hooded eyes it just kinda disappeared between the lid. I really want to like them. They’re so beautiful, but it didn’t work out for me.

Hello Lily! Thanks so much for your review. We have reached out via email to help.


These are some of the best, most lightweight lashes I’ve ever used! The pro glue sticks them on like a dream and you barely feel the band. Will definitely purchase again and again!

Ana G.
I love this brand!

When I first found this brand was through YouTube. At first I was sceptical, I found it to good to be true. I have worn false strip lashes for a long time, I used to buy Ardell. After some more research and reading reviews I decided to buy the Minx, Winx and Extra lashes. I totally fell in love with them, specially the Minx! You can choose to wear them like the pre-mapped or rearrange them! That way you always have lashes for different occasions! When I apply them the first time i thought I would have to cut them to fit my eyes like I always used to with the Ardel strip lashes. To my surprise they fit perfectly! I apply the Minx lashes under my own lashes and they stay 7/8 days glued on. I use eyeliner every day and I clean my skin and remove my makeup every day. I do have to be careful with oil based products, I now use Micellar water to cleanse my face amd remove my makeup. Before I needed at least 20minutes to put on my makeup in the morning now I need 5 to 10minutes to put on my makeup. I'm glad I took the leap of faith to buy these lashes of this brand! They have to be shipped all the way to Belgium, so it's a little more expensive then the strip lashes I used to use. But they are worth the price! I've had these lashes for like a month and they are definitely reusable if you clean them properly and treat them carefully. Definitely recommend this brand and these type of lashes!




Want the most control over your DIY lashes then Lash Ribbons are for you. Choose from sizes 8mm-18mm (for most styles) and C or D curl (for most styles). Turn these into DIY lashes or create your own strip lashes with them.



These are for those who want a fluffed and feathered look. These are also precut and ready to apply with a clear lash band. Grab them in the Medley pack (10mm-16mm) or just get the refills which are your choice of length from 10mm-18mm.



Want best of both worlds? Try the 1st strip lashes that come in different sizes. These have the same thin band as the Lash Ribbons and can be cut up and placed underneath your natural lashes or worn as a traditional strip lash but you get to choose your size!


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