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*IMPORTANT* Use your fingers to remove the lashes from packaging. Pinch lash fibers and pull away from tape slowly.

MINX offers multiple lengths and curls for a voluminous lash look. 

Pre-mapped and ready to apply. Great for DIY lash beginners or for those days you don't want to create a lash map. 

  • Comes with (3) pairs
  • Doll eye look
  • C curl
  • Voluminous with multiple curls
  • Comes in 5 clusters

Are they waterproof?
No our lash adhesive is not waterproof. However, it is Water-resistant: able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

How long can you wear the lashes for?
You can wear the lashes between 2-5 days.

How do you remove the lashes?
It's easier if we show you here

What is the difference between C and D curl?
Here's a visual for you

How do I wash my face with the lashes on?
Here's a video on how to wash your face with our lashes on.

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for your eyes only

Maybe you want to own your lash look? Create your own lash map with our Lash Ribbons.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Kelly C.
Love Minx Lash Clusters 😍

I bought a Minx starter kit a few weeks ago and loved it so much that I just bought a 2nd one to give to my daughter! I haven't delivered it to her yet but I know she'll love it just as much as I do!

Tamica S.
Thoroughly impressed

I wasn't sure I was going to like these because they looked really fluffy in the picture. Turns out I don't like them, I absolutely LOVE them.
They are extremely lightweight and the spines are so thin which made them very easy to put on. I have a new favorite lash!!

Ana G.
I love this brand of lashes!

When I first found this brand was through YouTube. At first I was sceptical, I found it to good to be true. I have worn false strip lashes for a long time, I used to buy Ardell. After some more research and reading reviews I decided to buy the Minx, Winx and Extra lashes. I totally fell in love with them, specially the Minx! You can choose to wear them like the pre-mapped or rearrange them! That way you always have lashes for different occasions! When I apply them the first time i thought I would have to cut them to fit my eyes like I always used to with the Ardel strip lashes. To my surprise they fit perfectly! I apply the Minx lashes under my own lashes and they stay 7/8 days glued on. I use eyeliner every day and I clean my skin and remove my makeup every day. I do have to be careful with oil based products, I now use Micellar water to cleanse my face amd remove my makeup. Before I needed at least 20minutes to put on my makeup in the morning now I need 5 to 10minutes to put on my makeup. I'm glad I took the leap of faith to buy these lashes of this brand! They have to be shipped all the way to Belgium, so it's a little more expensive then the strip lashes I used to use. But they are worth the price! I've had these lashes for like a month and they are definitely reusable if you clean them properly and treat them carefully. Definitely recommend this brand and these type of lashes! In the photos I'm wearing Minx but I rearranged them from small to langer instead of the pre-mapped package.


Love these pre-mapped lashes. They were super easy to apply and very comfortable! They looked a little dramatic in the packaging and I was afraid they would be overwhelming for the type of lash look I typically like to go for but I was pleasantly surprised. They do look fuller and have a bigger curl to them but they look so beautiful on. Didn’t feel like they were over the top, just the right amount of flare. Might be my new go to lashes!

L F.
Great looking lashes

Great looking lashes and so easy and fast to apply!!!!