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*IMPORTANT* Use your fingers to remove the lashes from packaging. Pinch lash fibers and pull away from tape slowly.

MINX offers multiple lengths and curls for a voluminous lash look. 

Pre-mapped and ready to apply. Great for DIY lash beginners or for those days you don't want to create a lash map. 

  • Comes with (3) pairs
  • Doll eye look
  • C curl
  • Voluminous with multiple curls
  • Comes in 5 clusters

Are they waterproof?
No our lash adhesive is not waterproof. However, it is Water-resistant: able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

How long can you wear the lashes for?
You can wear the lashes between 2-5 days.

How do you remove the lashes?
It's easier if we show you here

What is the difference between C and D curl?
Here's a visual for you

How do I wash my face with the lashes on?
Here's a video on how to wash your face with our lashes on.

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for your eyes only

Maybe you want to own your lash look? Create your own lash map with our Lash Ribbons.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Camilla B.
Full and wispy

These are high quality. Definitely curly. My only complaint is one set was a little squashed when they arrived and lost some curl. Still gorgeous tho!

Jacqueline M.
Loved them

I love how light these feel! Definitely want to try other styles.

Love these!!

These are the perfect everyday lashes!! Love the glue as well. I am a retired lash artist of 11 years and so I have tried them all!! These are amazing!!

Jessica P.
I wanted to love these so bad!

I loved how fluffy these look online but when I received them they looked a little more on the separated spikey side. I tried to brush them out and it still wouldn’t look wispy! I tried it on and I kept taking it off it just didn’t look right :/ I like the N4 and N5 though

Katarina V.

I was pretty skeptical to purchase these diy lashes only because I suck at putting on lashes but these are so easy!! I love that I don’t have to layer because the clusters already come so voluminous. 10/10 definitely recommend, I plan on trying every style!