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Tacky and gross, not clear

It’s not clear color but white, chalky and tacky and does not last.

Smooth delivery

It’s safe !!

Prefer Ice

Ice dries quickly with no white residue, as does Glaze. I might suggest updating the applicator with no brush, just the ball tip. Luv LashLinx!

All time favorite 😍

I’ve tried few different one but this one is my absolute fav 😍🤭 buying it more !

So far this one is great too

Wonderful products

I like that it doesn't take long at all to arrive, I love the product, good quality.... highly recommended

Sassy Medley Set

When I received these I laughed and thought they looked way too dramatic for me and didn’t even try them for a while. But I actually love them. This is an excellent set, and a great value with the glue and Glaze. These are one of my favorites now.

DIY Lash Accessories Set

Love the tweezers and the remover. The tweezers are a great shape for lash application and the silicone covers work well for fusing. Not really sure about the Glaze, but I do really like the ball tipped applicator.

Maze Medley
Claire S.
Very nice

These are very high quality lashes, as usual. However, they weren't for me. They were actually a lot for voluminous than I thought. I thought they would be more of a natural lash. Keep in mind that I'm very fair and have smaller eyes, so a lot of lash styles are too much for me. I think for the average person, these would be great.

So fluffy and soft

These are the most fluffiest Lash Linx ribbons! They are beautiful!!

Great lashes

After trying many other brands, I eventually stayed with lashlinx. I find them better quality, sturdy, easy to remove from the box, and very natural looking. Thank you for a great product.

Love the curl and fullness

I am a longtime lash wearer and retired lash tech. My only complaint with the Celes is the shine. I dont like the shine of the fibers or the glare I catch from them. Going back to my all time favorite. Dolly!!


I don't go a day without these lashes lol & I'm constantly getting compliments. The thin flexible band & real feel lashes are unmatched. The black bond is amazing & gets me the longest wear than any other on the market. With good application, they last 4/5 days. Watch the videos, try different styles until you find what fits you best, have patience, & practice. Perfect application takes time, but once you get it, you'll never look back lol.

Best “Natural” Lashes ever

I was tired of wearing mascara every day and not get a full lash look. Came across these and loved the idea of doing them on my own time and saving money. Best decision ever! I get the perfect fullness and length for a natural look. I get so many compliments on them. The only thing I would change on this refill set is to replace the 16 length to a 12 or 14. I don’t use the 16 at all. ☹️ Other than that best investment of all time. Lash Linz lifer for sure!!

New Love

Love love love the CELES lashes!❤️ My new favorite! Map: [****]

All time favorite!

Minx are my all time favorite lash!!
They look like A very pretty hybrid lash extension. The curl is great and the lash band is so lightweight. They just are everything I need in A lash!

Best lashes ever

These are my favorite lash clusters I’ve ever used - so gorgeous!!

Sassy - Oopsie
Victoria M.
Love love love

I have always wanted to wear fake eyelashes but the strips just never worked for me, hard to put on, didn’t look natural, and it was a hard pass. I saw Linx on TikTok and took a chance. I HAVENT LOOKED BACK SINCE! Almost a year later and I am still a loyal customer. I’ve placed 4 orders in the past year, bc that’s how long these last! Great quality, I feel amazing about myself, and the amount of compliments I get! I will never get lash extensions and I’ll never look anywhere else because these are the holy grail.

Now about the Sassy oopsie in particular, YALL SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GET THESE!! You can hardly notice a difference!!

All in all I love this company, it is worth every penny, and I haven’t looked back since my first purchase! SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES!!

My favorite

I have tried multiple different diy lash extensions and these are by far my favorite!! They look so good and are so light you won’t regret buying them !

Exactly what I expected.

Love these too


My favorite!

The best in the business

Been following this company for a year now and finally ordered and these lashes to try and they beat the competition by far. Comparing the quality of the lashes, adhesive and remover to other companies I tired this one is the BEST! I was in tears with how trouble free the application and removal was. I have saved so much time compared to other lashes I have tried and could not be happier.

Kitchelle S.
Too thick

In theory, this is what one would want to clamp the lashes together. However, once they're put on the eyelash applicator, they are just waaaay too thick. If you put the glaze on the inside of the mittens to help seal your lashes... boy. The glaze will get everywhere cause of how thick the mittens are. If they can be redesigned so they aren't so thick and wide, I think they would be a winner.