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Best bang for your buck

These beat any drug store or high end lashes. This pack lasts me forever especially if you clean them properly. I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes, but these are still comfortable considering the thin band. Customer support with this company is always quick to respond

Sassy will forever be my everyday lash. They have the curl, fluffiness, perfect width, & 3D look all in one.

Mahogany Medley
Sheila J.
Mahoney Dark Brown Lashes

Love these lashes there my second favorite. Love the color. I don't use 14 or 16 there two long for my hooded eyes love 10's & 12's. Hope they become a permament.

Twill Medley
Sheila J.
Twill Lashes

These lashes are my favorite lashes. so comfortable.

They def witty

Hi it’s me again :)
I dig these! Did them side by side I-O (10,12,14,14,14,16) 16 is kind of long for me but will try them shorter. Like that they’re V shaped and gives a spike look.

Better than I thought. Love them.

Love this too! Will be buying more

Love love love ! Just wish the strip was longer


Amazing products 💕


Love these lashes ! I just wish the strip was longer
But totally worth it
Will be back to buy again 💕

Light and natural

I love these when I want something more natural looking. I’m wearing I-O (10,12,12,12,10). Side by side. All lashes from Linx has been super comfortable. Using their glue as well. Last up to 3-5days.

10/10 recommend!!

the best lashes i have used!

New favs

Okay. These are gonna be my new go-to’s! I saw the vid on ig and bought them right away.

Just received them a day ago and needed to try them asap. Yes I’m in love!

New Favorite

Evelyn’s review and photo convinced me to try this style out and I really love them. They’re fluffy yet bold enough to stand out but still look natural enough that you don’t look like Lamb Chop. The lashes are really tightly packed on the band and so the “sections” aren’t as clear as the other styles. I have smaller, deep set eyes and I just need like 3 sections, I do a 14 on the outside, then 12, 10, and actually used the H1 8mm on the inside corner because the 10mm N6 is too dense for me personally and really darkens / closes up the eye when it’s on the inner corner. But these are my new go-to’s.

My new love

I love these! Bought Celes a couple of months ago, finally put them on. They are a perfect mixture of fullness with subtle spikiness 🥰

Chatty Medley
Cassandra L.K.

Love them! A little spiked but not really, love the varying sizes! Hoping they’re not going away since they’re on sale!

Love it!!! 😍

These are one of my favs! It’s the second style I’ve purchased on here and I’ll be ordering more of these! 🥰 I always get compliments with this on!!!

My fav!

1st time trying this brand and lash style and they do not disappoint!!! My lashes looks bomb! Im ordering more of these!!!

Looks like lash extensions!

This is my 4th style that I’ve tried from this brand and they never disappoint! I used 10mm in my outer and inner corners, and 12mm in the middle!

My all time fav! Sassy gives you fluffy, curly, & thick all in one. Some days I'll only use 4 clusters per eye for a lighter look, or I use 6 & overlap them at the halfway point on each cluster across my eye & it gives extra full & fluffy, without actually overlapping the whole eye all the way across & using double the clusters. I don't go a day without them lol I easily get up to 4/5 day wear with these. Tip: clamp your lashes when you wake up & before bed every day, to help the hold longevity. Also put glue on your lashes & the clusters, you want to see a little bubble of glue on the lash band (get tacky b4 applying). Dry with a fan for at least 2 minutes, before applying your seal of choice to your tweezers & clamp/seal them on both sides, then fan again til fully dry. Watch the tutorials & practice what techniques work for you. Took me almost a year to get perfect technique & applications that last more than 2 days lol. Don't get discouraged if you can't get it right away!

I wanted to love these so bad, but Sassy is still my top favorite for the fluffy/full effect. Celes is nice for the girlies that don't like a big curl, as these seemed a little straight after day 1 and didn't hold a curl very well, even when curled. Still very pretty & perfect for the right person!

Perfect lashes

Love these lashes, bought 12mm and they look so natural and spikes make it look like your wearing mascara😍 Just bought the 14mm and can’t wait to try them. Hands down these and chatty medley are my favorite so far lol

Natural and lightweight

They are so pretty, was the first ones I tried and always go back to them! I use 12-14 and sometimes stack for extra volume💋

Chatty Medley
Rose J.
Love my Chatty Medleys

If you’re looking for a natural mascara look, these are it. They remind me of N2 but not as thick and perfect for everyday lashes. I finally found my favorite lashes and I got them on sale! Thank you so much❤️