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Super comfortable, natural looking

I'd tried several Linx styles, and I love all of them but my go to everyday pick are the N6's, they are so natural looking, I forget I'm wearing them! Second favorite are the H1. The band on all Linx lashes are the most thin and comfortable I ever found, also the hair fibers are super natural looking and soft they can't compare to anything i tried before, (and I been using cluster lashes for over 10 years) love that I can reuse them couple of times after cleaning them. 1000% worth it. Customer for life ❤️

Obsessed with these!

I received these yesterday. I've gotten the set previously and loved them, but I like the freedom of the medley to really choose what size I want and where I want them. Needless to say, I am obsessed with these.


The adhesive is very good. My lashes last up to a week even after washing my face.
The problem is that the glue control separates from the tube. ( see picture). This has happened on the black lash adhesive and the glaze lash sealer. When this happens glue and glaze get all over tube making them hard to open.

Clusters are too wide

I've tried several styles from Linx and these are my least favorite. The clusters are too wide and even trimming them down, they seemed to be uncomfortable. Luckily, there are others I love!

So light and soft! Gorgeous.

These are stunners! So nice. My only problem is that they're so hard to remove from the packaging without damaging them. I'm on my third set and I still don't have it down. The little fabric strip is the problem. Please change that and these will be perfect!


I love this adhesive I recommend!!

Terry C.

I love your lashes

Extra Refills!

I am in LOVE with these new Extra Refills! So happy that I was able to order them in sizes 10 & 12. Easy to apply, lightweight and last for days!

best lash

Everything that's good my lashes so beautiful and natural I recommend lash Link lashes shipping is very fast thank-you



Kendra C.
Best Lashes for DIY

I have literally tried every lash kit possible and these are hands down my favorite.
Unlike other lash kits these lashes maintain shape after getting wet and blowing out my hair.
This is an amazing set of lashes you have to try but be prepared because no other set compares to this quality.

The perfect lashes for me

I am 57 and tried all kinds of lashes. The N4 8mm is perfect and looks like my natural lashes. They are very easy to apply and I've reused them up to 3 times.

Been using for about a year now !!

The best looking on my eye shape !! I have been using N1 12,24 and 16 as a set for about a year and I never go a day without them !! Treat then with kindness and they last about 2/3 uses when cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

Wispy and natural

Love love love N4’s! They are so wispy and natural looking. I go between these and H2’s.

Love these lash ribbons! They are so easy to apply and are so versatile. I can go from a natural look to a dramatic look just by changing up the length and layering different ways. They are easy to clean and can be used multiple times.

Lash tool and mittens

The lash tool and mittens are, by far, the best I've used. I've used them every day since I got them. I've used them on wet glue, damp eyelashes and dry glue. If you're on the fence about spending $20 for the pair, do it! You will not be disappointed. I should have purchased these months ago.

Hands down the BEST eyelashes I could’ve found! Never using any other brands.

Alison P.
Lash remover does not work

I couldn't get the lash glue off my lashes for days even after using the lash remover and my own makeup remover. Yet somehow my lashes fell off after one day. Not strong enough to hold falsies yet will cling on to your natural lashes for days. I am not happy with my product.

Angela R.

It’s quick drying and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes

Meghan L.
Great lashes but difficult to remove from package

The lashes themselves are awesome, but they are veryyyyy tricky to get off the packaging without ripping/ruining them. I did everything the instructions said and still has a very hard time getting them off and ended up ripping a few sets that I was then never able to try.

Easy, pretty and confidence

I’ve tried a couple other brands of lashes but I always come back to Linx Lashes, plenty of variety to choose, I tend to favor the N series, I’m a natural girl N 4 is my fav.
They’re well made, lite and I can reuse them up to 4x!!
Glue is great, I’m hooked!!!!

Loveeeeee love

Ruins lashes

The glaze does give a few days extra of wear but be prepared to not wear those lashes again because the glaze is almost impossible to get off them.


I ordered both the extra and the minx 10 mm refills. I honestly expected to like minx more but extra really surprised me! They’re soft and beautiful and don’t look as long on my eyes as the minx do which I love! (The minx are also lovely, they just look a bit long on me) extra kind of looks like it’s somewhere between the n6 and the v2! If you like fluffy lashes you’ll probably love them!


This is the best lash by far! The length is perfect for my small eyes. They’re elegant, fluffy and just gorgeous!