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Maze Medley
Beautiful but I won’t use all sizes

I love love love these lashes! They’re so light weight and comfortable. I just wish I didn’t have to buy the 14-18 lengths. They’re too long for eyes and so it feels like a waste to buy the whole pack when I will use less than half.

Perfectly Lovely!

I want natural-looking lashes to make up for the fact that I have tiny, transparent natural lashes. I've been wearing N5's for years and recently decided to try N6's. I LOVE them! They are slightly fuller and fluffier than N'5's and I'm enjoying that, though they are still very natural-looking. At this time, the shortest N6's are 10's. I really need 8 mm's for my inner corners so I'm using N5 8mm's for that with the N6's. They blend nicely together and I'm...I' love!

The most natural-looking lash strips!

I love the N5 lashes (C curl) and have used them for a couple of years now. They are so natural-looking! I use 8, 10, and 12's to build a realistic look that is quite realistic. My natural lashes are short and transparent so I am just trying to achieve a normal look. I've recently started wearing N6's and love them too. They are slightly fuller and fluffier. For a natural look, you cannot go wrong with N5 and N6!

A must have in my lash kit!

I use the Remover oil to take off lash clusters (works great!) but there does always seem to be a bit of glue still stuck to my lashes. This Sticky Remover has a different formula (smells like roses) and it works instantly to get the last bit of glue off. After a good cleansing, I'm ready to apply a fresh set. Also...I don't take the oily remover with me when I travel. (Only a drop of oil is needed so bringing the whole bottle for travel is a spill risk.) Instead I take Sticky Remover. After a long hot shower, the glue is well softened and I can easily remove the lashes, then a sweep and a gentle rub of Sticky Remover gets the glue off. It's perfect!

De A.
Almost perfect! I need a brush, rather than a sponge and spoolie.

I've used Glaze and found it to be a bit too heavy and flakey. But I need to reduce glue stickiness and also seal the lashes in place so they withstand washing my face and so they last longer. Ice is a great solution and I'm very happy with the formula. But I do have one issue that isn't resolved with either...I need to seal the tops of my lashes too, not just the undersides. (I have to sandwich my lashes with sealer on both sides to get them to last) I need to apply Ice with something more slender, a brush, rather than the bulky sponge and spoolie that it comes with. To resolve this, when I was finished with an old brush-on lash glue, I saved the brush (cleaned it) and put it into the Ice. It's now much easier to apply on the upper sides of the lashes, and I can be more strategic about the undersides too. But what if Glaze and Ice came in a Binary packaging??? Oh, that would be brilliant!

My dream has come true!

I have "transparent" natural lashes, and so I stick with clear glue. I have constantly struggled with getting glue applied. The spoolie is great for applying to the natural lashes, but the brush is better for applying to the lash clusters. The Binary glue product is PERFECT!

So soft and voluminous

These are so soft and voluminous. No need for stacking. I love the super fluffy and lightness of these lashes.

Love. These. Lashes. Best I’ve ever purchased and will only buy them

Don’t love this new formula. Lashes didn’t stay as long as with the previous glue.

I really like this glue, but it drys out fast in the container and doesn’t seem like I get much for my money. Please update the formula in order to last longer.

DIY Lash Remover
Kathryn L.

I found this lash remover to be non-irritating, simple to use, and very effective at removing lash extension. Great product!

Love it

These are so beautiful. These and N6 are my favorite. 12mm is my Goldilocks length. I’m so sad they’re limited edition.

Maze Medley

These are a really lovely natural lash. They are pretty customizable in that you can do one row not overlapping for a super natural look, or you can overlap them more for a more voluminous look. I love the quantity of lashes in this set! I wish they carried more lash styles like this, with all of the sizes. It’s a really great value.

I think I finally get why N6 are so popular. They’re my favorite I think. I love how natural they look. 12mm are such a staple. They’re not too long. Not to short. Just a great Goldilocks length. I could do this length all the way across. Or mix in longer or shorter lengths - but couldn’t do only longer or shorter.

I had no idea how curly these were! They’re so pretty, but also soft.

Lash Scissors

These are perfect for trimming your lash ribbons into clusters, or trimming clusters to a shorter length.

I like to use this on my clusters along with the black directly on my natural lashes.

Minx Medley Set

This is an awesome starter set. I love that it comes with a variety of lengths, along with the glue and sealer. Minx are beautiful and wispy.

Maze Medley
Natural looking & Comfortable

Very natural look and comfortable!


Inconsistent lash ribbons, some of very wispy while others are more pieced together giving my eye different looks on both sides noatter how hard I try, very disappointing this batch


It’s good but I want more of a cat eye look.

It works!

Adding this to my lashes helped with longevity so much! I am a fitness instructor, and I’m constantly sweating and taking showers and I would have to redo my lashes every 3 days because of my routine. Now I only redo once a week. And I no longer have to deal with annoying fuzzies in my eyes. Totally worth getting!