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Sheer is a doll eye lash.

Find your Lash Match.

Finally! An option for different length/size in strip lashes. 

Pick the lash size that you think will match your eye/eye shape the best. 

Our special sizing technology allows you to pick the length of your lashes to perfectly fit your eyes, providing ultimate comfort and ease.

These are sold by the Longest length. Meaning if you purchased 14mm, that would be the longest length in that strip.

If you're familiar with our Lash Ribbons, this item has the same thin lash band.

Released: 5/4/23



Once opened, use a blow dryer on low heat, hold 12" away from lashes for 30/40 seconds, bend plastic tray to get to lashes and gently remove lashes from tape. 

Shipping Times:

United States: ~5 - 7 Business Days

Canada: ~14 - 20 Business Days

Rest of the world: ~14-20 Business Days

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for your eyes only

Maybe you want to own your lash look? Create your own lash map with our Lash Ribbons.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So light and soft! Gorgeous.

These are stunners! So nice. My only problem is that they're so hard to remove from the packaging without damaging them. I'm on my third set and I still don't have it down. The little fabric strip is the problem. Please change that and these will be perfect!

Meghan L.
Great lashes but difficult to remove from package

The lashes themselves are awesome, but they are veryyyyy tricky to get off the packaging without ripping/ruining them. I did everything the instructions said and still has a very hard time getting them off and ended up ripping a few sets that I was then never able to try.

Stunning and Comfortable

These strip lashes are beautiful. The band is incredibly thin, almost invisible. I cut the strip into 4 pieces and applied to the underside of my lashes because I prefer this application method in order to extend the longevity. Using this method, I can wear them for 7 days. However, if you are applying the lashes using the traditional strip lash method on top of your lashes, I am sure that these would be equally beautiful and comfortable. I ordered the 16mm and the 18mm lengths (18mm shown in images.) Initially within the package, I thought the 18mm would be too long, but after applying, I feel they are perfect! I have tried MANY lash brands, but LINX is hands-down the very best. The lash fibers and band are second to none.

Really love my sheer lashes

I want really sure about the lash match at first I was a bit nervous to order them sense I do tent to gravitate twords the ribbons more. Soon as I ordered then i started to take them out and bam I ripped them even before I got to use them. So contacted See fordree and she was so amazing about the whole situation and made sure to let me know how to get these specific ones out the right way and guess what my second time around I finally got them out safely so before u start pulling them and tugging them out of the container take a hair drier and hold it for like 30 seconds over each of these lashes to lose the glue that's on the tape that has the lashes sitting on. Then slowly while u still heating u start to slowly pull when i say slowly I mean it. Anyway passed all that I got them out and I got my self the two different styles the 16mm and the 18mm and to my surprise they both looked amazing but knowing me I had to try the underneath application so I cut them up and placed them under like I would a ribbon and boy ohhh boy they turned out even more stunning then I could have ever expected. So now I'm thinking when does a ribbon come out in this style RIGHT Y'ALL. Imagine a ribbon in the lash match (sheer)

Finally something that works for me

Ive tried dozens of high end lash strips but I hated the thick band thats so obvious on the lash line.Clear bands would either be too uncomfortable, or didn’t hold up well after a few wears. All other lash strips could only withstand a few cleanings before I’d have to break out a new pair. I’ve tried many highly rated lash growth serums and they worked, but only a little, and my lashes grew wonky. The regular lash ribbons, although they would work for many, did not work for me because my lashes are so thin, sparse and short, they wouldnt stay on properly.

Finally after maybe a decade of wearing false lashes and never being 100% happy, I tried Lash Match. They are natural looking and I ca’t even feel them in my eyes. They hold up to cleaning just as well as the lash linx lash ribbons. They are so much cheaper than some of the other lash strips I’ve used in the past which didnt tick all the boxes.

My only complaint? Olease come ip with more styles!!!!