Cleaning DIY Lash Extensions

How To Clean Your Linx Lash Extensions


Can you reuse Linx lashes?

Yep, you sure can! In this short video we show you exactly how to clean DIY eyelash extensions.

Step 1. Get a small jar and put your lashes in there
Step 2. Get some 91% Isopropyl alcohol
Step 3. Soak it for 5 mins ** SEE BELOW**
Step 4. Get a paper towel and wipe off all the glue
Step 5. If needed - Use a q-tip for a deeper clean
Step 6. Fluff your lashes with a spooly

However, because these are made with a cotton band, please do not leave in alcohol longer than 5 mins. If left for longer, the PBT hair fibers will fall apart from band.