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Love N3!

As a newbie to DIY lashes, these are perfect for me. I use 8, 10, & 12’s. Looks so natural! These are, so far, my favorites.

Donna L.
Soft and beautiful

Love them!! Soft and wispy. Love the length.


Thicker than I expected from the picture, I cleaned them and every time I do some lashes fall off, as of rn the thinning doesn’t bother me I actually like them better after two washes, but I wish they came sparser and retained that hair better instead, I’d love to see some cleaning tools being sold!

Kelly C.
Love Minx Lash Clusters 😍

I bought a Minx starter kit a few weeks ago and loved it so much that I just bought a 2nd one to give to my daughter! I haven't delivered it to her yet but I know she'll love it just as much as I do!

Fluffy curls

I love Dolly, even though I made a cat eye, as seen on Instagram…I do wish the width of the longest was the same size as the rest. It’s just easier to contour to my eye if the width was narrower. I just cut that one in half and it was perfect. Would love if they came in ribbons so I could use my preferred length of 10, 12 and 14…

Lash Pad
Lanett L.
Love this Lash Pad!

I honestly couldn’t imagine doing my lashes without this lash pad. It makes applying my lashes quicker & easier. Definitely worth the purchase!

Minx - Oopsie
Jaiza M.
Gorgeous Lashes

I'm so hooked with these lashes, thank to lashlinx they existed. I'm loving my MINX pre mapped lashes. More SALE lashes please😘


LADIES, the title of my review says it all! DO NOT PASS THESE BEAUTIES UP!!! In a shorter length, they aren't so dramatic and can absolutely be worn as a daily lash. The longer length adds a little more dramatic effect. I'm stocking up before they're gone...hope these become a permanent addition to the ribbon family...please!

Tamica S.
Thoroughly impressed

I wasn't sure I was going to like these because they looked really fluffy in the picture. Turns out I don't like them, I absolutely LOVE them.
They are extremely lightweight and the spines are so thin which made them very easy to put on. I have a new favorite lash!!

Love this Adhesive!

I love the color of this adhesive and that you don’t have to wait for it to get tacky. I also love the small applicator which helps when you have short and thin lashes as I do. I think this one may be my favorite. :)

Not enough cluster

Unfortunately, not enough clusters/segments. I needed a couple more clusters/segments at the end. I tried rearranging them to make it fit, but it just didn’t look right on my larger hooded eyes. Also, some segments were so tiny ( like the inner corner cluster), once I opened my hooded eyes it just kinda disappeared between the lid. I really want to like them. They’re so beautiful, but it didn’t work out for me.

Hello Lily! Thanks so much for your review. We have reached out via email to help.

Beautiful, but not enough cluster

I really want to love it, but my eyes are huge and I needed 2 more clusters. I ended up cutting 2 of my N6 cluster, but because I only have 14 mm, it altered the cat eye lash look. Hopefully for future pre mapped lash there can be more clusters or maybe some wider clusters for us with larger eyes.

Very pretty!

The N2, 12mm were my very first Linx lashes to try. I am also new to wearing lashes. I realized these were a little too spiky for my taste and I didn’t care for the gaps in between the spikes. However, I stacked an N3 10mm to fill in the gaps between the spikes and really liked the look. It was just a little much for my first try, though.


These look so good on, hope they find a permanent place on the site.

antoinette l.

First time using glaze. Easy to use and works well with adhesive

Clear Eyelash Adhesive
antoinette l.

I’ve always used the mascara brush type applicator when applying my lash Linx lashes. The applicator on the latex free eyelash adhesive is so easy to use. I had no problems applying adhesive to lash line and lashes. Made application a breeze. I like that the adhesive is clear vs black. I also used lash sealant glaze after lashes were applied. No issues with the application.

Absolutely good product

Thank you so much , my first time using this it’s so nice and easy to used.. and it looks natural I love it 😍
From Japan 🇯🇵

Great glue!!!

I'm 49 and still have oily skin so naturally my eyelids also get oily. As a nurse with a busy schedule, once my day gets started, I don't have time to be primping, powdering or making sure that I still have all my clusters in place. I cut my Sheer 12mm lash strips into clusters (love these) and applied them yesterday morning using the LINX lash glue in black with the microwand on the base of my lashes and the clear glue on the cluster band. When I got home last evening, which is also a 45 minute commute, I was pleasantly surprised that my clusters were all still intact despite most of my make-up fading off my face from my busy day and oily skin. I cleaned my face as usual last night just being a little cautious not to be rough around my lashes, showered like normal this morning and again washed my face with my usual gentle cleanser, was gentle with my lashes. Once they were dry, I pressed with the LINX lash applicator to make sure they were still secure, used my eyelash curler to gently lift and curl my natural lashes since some of my natural lashes we sticking straight thru on my side profile. My clusters still look great and the glue is still holding! I'm on day 2. With the competitor's glue (Lilac St.) my clusters started falling off the moment water touched my lashes and clusters during my night time skincare routine. I will be buying this again and plan on getting the starter kit for my daughter. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 😍

Great lashes!

I have been using these for awhile. Very easy to apply and they look great and last!

Best lash remover

The best, most non-irritating lash remover! Took them off in record time.


Exactly what I was looking for. So lightweight and love that there's no adhesive already on it!

Lash glue

LINX’s lash glue is one of my favorites compared to other that take forever to get sticky

Katie M.
Wand Mittens

These are GREAT.. I even put them on a wand I already had, not made by Line (sorry) but I like these BETTER than their "wanders" they made made for theirs. These are more durable and less likely to stick.

I love this brand!

When I put in my order I also added this glue. I love that it does dry up quick but not to quick, you have a little bit of time to stick them to you lashes. I also bought the Glaze to reduce the stickiness. With the Glaze you need tl be careful not to apply to much and only at the base where the glue is. Overall I definitely recommend every product from this brand this far!

Ana G.
Good product!

I've used this cleaner a few times and I compared it to my own and they both work! The glue dissolves because of the product is oil based. The difference is this one I need less product and removes the lashes and the glue very fast and easy without rubbing to much. Definitely recommend buying it! A little bit goes a long way so you'll have profit for a long time!