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*IMPORTANT* Use your fingers to remove the lashes from packaging. Pinch lash fibers and pull away from tape slowly.

WINX offers multiple lengths and curls for a voluminous cat eye lash look. 

Pre-mapped and ready to apply. Great for DIY lash beginners or for those days you don't want to create a lash map. 

  • Range of lengths: 7mm-15mm
  • Includes 3 sets of lashes
  • Cat eye look
  • C curl
  • Voluminous with multiple curls
  • Comes with 5 clusters per eye

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for your eyes only

Maybe you want to own your lash look? Create your own lash map with our Lash Ribbons.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Krystal M.
I am in LOVE

First off, I am a retired lash artist and absolutely the worst at being picky with my own lashes. So these are the perfect length and size for my eyes and I love the multiple curls, length is perfect for everyday wear!! I get 8 to 10 days easy with the Linx glue. So glad I found these on YouTube.

Too short

i like 14-66 mm lashes. i wish you could choose the length or else i would love these. but either my eye is too big or i needed more at the end. and they were so short i absolutely hated how they looked i took them off immediately. just not for me

Paulette M.
Look Beautiful …

…but I haven’t used them yet.

Wouldn't set

I'm no stranger to lashes and was pretty excited to find this brand. It was affordable and easy. Application was very easy and they look great. My only issue is that no matter what, my glue never fully set. It stayed sticky on top of my lashes for days. They stayed on super well but it wasn't worth that.

Angela S.
Definitely my favorite

I have tried sassy, minx and V 1's and loved them untill I used these and they are my absolute favorite. I like a little more dramatic and these do it for me. So light and easy to apply:)