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Glaze is our lash sealer and is the last step with your lash application. It's a must have if you don't like tackiness after your application.

It helps:

  • Reduce tackiness after lash application.
  • Helps with water or moisture breaking down the adhesive. 
  • Reduces lint/debris around your lashes.

How to use: Always test a small amount on your skin before using for and irritation. Take the tip of the applicator and run underneath your lashes away from the waterline.


CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For external use only. Avoid direct contact with the eye. If irritation occurs, rinse with water and soap and discontinue use. Consult with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing, being treated for any eye-related disorder, or actively undergoing cancer treatment. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
De A.
Praise the Lord! No more stickies!

I have been buying this type of product from another source, so I am very happy to see Linx is now selling it. I have days when the lash adhesive remains sticky for a couple of hours after applying a new set. If I laugh, my lashes stick to my eyelids. If I close my eyes, I can't get them open.'s not a big deal, but it's annoying. This lash glaze works perfectly, particularly the little sponge applicator on the end makes it easy to apply. I put it on both the top and underside after applying a fresh set of lashes and wait for it to dry, then I apply eye makeup. This keeps eye shadow from clustering up on my lashes too.

Love this!

I have used this for the last two lash applications (I wear my lashes for a week). I have found that it helped my lashes not lift on the corners and not feel “mushy” after hot showers. I feel that it genuinely helped my lashes stay adhered more securely and removed the stickiness. I did not experience a white cast. I only ran the applicator lightly across the under side of my lashes (bottom). I used clear glue (pro) from another brand on my lashes and the clear lash linx brand on the spines. I use a very small amount of glue.

Newsletter S.
Not what I was hoping for.

It does make the glue less tacky, but it gives an awful white cast, and peels. Makes lashes look gross. I tried on three separate applications with different applications and could make nothing work. Very disappointed since it ruined 3 sets of lashes. When I reached out to customer service, they kept saying I was putting too much. Now I'm convinced the formula is not great.