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Remover do not work!!!!!

I applied the remover to my month old lashes. and not one lash was removed. I want a refund. It’s definitely false advertisement

Clear lash adhesive

Great glue …. Love the lashes too have so many…. Wish the glue last longer than 4-5 days 😊

Great for small eyes!

I really love the quality of these. The sizes 8mm and 10mm are great for small eyes. Pretty natural!

True lash extension substitute

I received my order. These lashes are AMAZING! I stumbled across these on YouTube. The thin band made me nervous, but it’s perfect for comfort and undetectable. They are as thin as Lashify. I have tried various Lashify styles and ugh I can never get my lash extension look. Not with any brand. When I tried the Sassy (the oopsies at that) , I screamed. These mimmic my “classic” look that my lash tech does, but slightly better! The look and feel are great. I’m surprised that other diy lash brands sell when these are out!!!
Thanks. Well done 👍🏾

Lash Love 💕

Love these lashes , have over 30 boxes plus 15 premapped… love them all
…so easy and soooooo
Addictive 😊😊

I love the V2

So I started with the pre mapp Minx, extra, dolly and sassy. I felt comfortable enough to try the ribbons: H1, N6, N4 but I always lean towards V2: Lash Map 10,12,14,14,12

Lash Pad
Trilla T.

Get this! This makes laying out your lash map and applying the glue easy peasy. They don’t get lost or float off

D1 - Lash Ribbon
Marissa G.
Too big

They’re soft, but look WAY fuller/ bigger on then in the pictures! Completely takes over my eyes & face 😕 I’m really bummed, they looked different when I ordered them…

Stunning and Comfortable

These strip lashes are beautiful. The band is incredibly thin, almost invisible. I cut the strip into 4 pieces and applied to the underside of my lashes because I prefer this application method in order to extend the longevity. Using this method, I can wear them for 7 days. However, if you are applying the lashes using the traditional strip lash method on top of your lashes, I am sure that these would be equally beautiful and comfortable. I ordered the 16mm and the 18mm lengths (18mm shown in images.) Initially within the package, I thought the 18mm would be too long, but after applying, I feel they are perfect! I have tried MANY lash brands, but LINX is hands-down the very best. The lash fibers and band are second to none.

More curl than the 12mm and 14mm

Ordered the 10mm to put in the inner corners but unfortunately I don’t feel like I can use them for what I intended as they appear way more curled than the 12 and 14s. They look like totally different lashes and don’t go with the 12 and 14 that I had previously ordered☹️

Go to lashes!

I am so glad that I tried these. Perfect every day lashes!

Works for applying

It's a nice size and works well for applying the lashes, but I use a different tool to clamp the lashes that go in from the front instead of the size. So far the lashes, glue, pad everything has been super quality, easy and as wonderful as expected! Will be doing so experimenting on the different styles :)


So much faster to apply glue to the spine.

Michelle M.

J adore 🥰


Love love love these lash ribbons! Very natural yet beautifully perfect💗

Double dolly!!

I love soft, dramatic curl. I am a retired lash artist of 11 years and Very picky with my lashes. I do double Dolly, and they last about 8 days. Love them. Love the curl, and volume

Brush on adhesive

Love both adhesives, brush on and wand. Love the control I get from the brush on and in both clear and black was a genius idea. I love the wand for my natural lashes and brush for clusters 💕💕💕🤦🏻‍♀️

Ana G.
Super satisfied customer!

I've been trying all the lashes of Lashlinx and I love them all! I can stretch the wear up to 5days, I love them and I won't be switching ever! I recommend using both the brushtip adhesive and he spoolie adhesive. Totally recommend this brand!

Great tool but wish it was a little less thick

This is a great thing to have on the lash applicator. It does help fuse the lashes together better, but sometimes it can be difficult with the thickness of the mittens.

Thanks for this review! We are going to work on making them thinner next go around!

Perfect 👌👌

antoinette l.

Love how these are so dimensional. They are so light, you don’t feel them on your lash line.

You already know

You already know I am here to rave about this knew black glue. Me personally I love me the black glues from the start I love that little brush but this tip just makes my life so much easier. My application literally took me half the time and even better, less the mess. The control on this tip really helps the messy part of things, when u start putting the glue on lash ribbon it usually gets all over ur sticky pad. I don't know about you guys but for me the clean up on my sticky pad was usually a pain form the amount I was leaving behind from that little brush. Don't get me wrong I love that little brush it's perfect when ur applying the glue to ur natural lashes it gets between the spots u need but when ur trying to get thouse ribbons they moving around, flopping back and fourth on my sticky pad. So the sharp tip on the black glue was such a genius idea. I couldnt have done it better my self.

All things remover

From all things lashes I really love this remover situation. I live the regular oil it's nice and all but these little handy Dany bottle with brush could travel with y'all but that's not even the fact I really love that little brush it gets in between every little lashes that wants to be stubborn. This is a definite number 1 buy when u getting ready to set up DIY shop at home.

Really love my sheer lashes

I want really sure about the lash match at first I was a bit nervous to order them sense I do tent to gravitate twords the ribbons more. Soon as I ordered then i started to take them out and bam I ripped them even before I got to use them. So contacted See fordree and she was so amazing about the whole situation and made sure to let me know how to get these specific ones out the right way and guess what my second time around I finally got them out safely so before u start pulling them and tugging them out of the container take a hair drier and hold it for like 30 seconds over each of these lashes to lose the glue that's on the tape that has the lashes sitting on. Then slowly while u still heating u start to slowly pull when i say slowly I mean it. Anyway passed all that I got them out and I got my self the two different styles the 16mm and the 18mm and to my surprise they both looked amazing but knowing me I had to try the underneath application so I cut them up and placed them under like I would a ribbon and boy ohhh boy they turned out even more stunning then I could have ever expected. So now I'm thinking when does a ribbon come out in this style RIGHT Y'ALL. Imagine a ribbon in the lash match (sheer)

Love love love my D1's

I'll try to make this short and sweet. Let just start with how beautiful these guys are. They literally give u that salon look without the $200+ price tag that's for sure I can't get enough of how soft they are and the fact that u can reuse them just makes thing that much better. I love a few differnt maps with my D1's on the shorter side I'll go with 12,12,14,16,16,14 if I want soemthing more longer with a bit more drama I'll got with map 12,14,16,18,18,16 if I want a reallt full loon I'll overlap and go with 12,14,16,18,18,18,16 I have pretty big eyes so I could fit a good bit of these. If I want a cat eye ill do overlap 12,12,14,14,16,18 gives you the most elegant cat eye. These beauty's you can do many different maps with the ones I names are my most used and most liked.