DIY Lash Extensions Application In A Few Easy Steps Using Gifs

1st: Cut your DIY lash ribbons into smaller sections of your liking. 

diy lash extensions with lash ribbons

2nd: Apply lash adhesive to the band/spine of your cut lash ribbon pieces. Lashes are placed on our lash pad. 

Apply lash adhesive to cut lash ribbon pieces

3rd: Apply lash adhesive to the underside of your natural lashes, focusing just at the base of your lashes (away from the waterline). DO NOT RUN THROUGH LIKE MASCARA. 

Apply lash adhesive to the under side of your natural lashes.

4th: Pick up your cut lash ribbon pieces with your applicator and apply underneath your natural lashes away from your waterline. Lash ribbon pieces should be placed on your natural lashes, not on skin. 

Apply cut lash ribbon pieces underneath your natural lashes

5th: Wait a few moments for the adhesive to dry and clamp lash ribbons and your natural lashes together. 

clamp lash ribbons and natural lashes together.

6th: Apply Glaze (lash sealer) to the underside of where you just applied your lash ribbons to reduce stickiness. 

apply glaze our lash sealer to the underside where you just applied the lash ribbons to reduce stickiness

Now you're ready to wear your DIY lashes for 2-5 days. 

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