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MINX offers multiple lengths and curls for a voluminous lash look. 

Pre-mapped and ready to apply. Great for DIY lash beginners or for those days you don't want to create a lash map. 

  • Comes with (3) pairs
  • Doll eye look
  • C curl
  • Voluminous with multiple curls
  • Comes in 5 clusters

See below to help you choose by deciding if you want short, medium or long lashes. 

Lengths in mm

8mm   = Short

10mm = Short

12mm  = Medium

14mm  = Medium

16mm = Long

18mm = Long


How I created the worlds first Lash Ribbon™

As a mom, I'm busy with the kids. That means I no longer had time to put makeup on nor lashes. I went without makeup for around ~2 years! 

Finally when I did have time to apply makeup and lashes, my strip lashes would KILL my eyelids! The strip lashes would hurt the inner corner and outer corner of my eyelids EVERY SINGLE TIME I BLINKED!  

The strip lashes made it so uncomfortable, I literally ripped them off within 5 mins of wearing them.  

Strip lashes never bothered me before but some how, I guess when you grow wiser (aka older) your eyelids loosen up. 

So now I'm like "well darn!". Then I came up with an idea! Since I just wanted a "natural" everyday look, I cut up the lashes and LINX was born. 

I came up with the name "Lash Ribbon™" and it took me a year to create the first Lash Ribbon™.

Thousands of hours talking to manufacturers and thousands of dollars in samples of lashes, glues, tools. Some of these items I'm still perfecting while typing this out.  

LINX = "links" of lashes to make a complete strip 

That's my story. Welcome to my world.

- Se

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jesica V Pourally
Too much

These look very fake, can’t wear them every day, it’s more of a night out or event look

Emagene P.

My favorite go-to pre mapped style. I love the thin band, wispy lashes, and doll look. I’ve purchased this style over and over again and will continue to do so!

My new favorite!

I’m so impressed with these lashes! These are the closest cluster lashes that I could find that are even comparable to my hybrid (classic/volume) lash extensions. I was a little worried about the fluffiness and how heavy it would feel on my eyelids but these feel so comfortable and light! The band is incredibly thin and it feels just like how my extensions used to feel (no heavy eyelids!) I’ve tried other lash cluster brands before and these by far are the most light and comfortable. They are so fluffy and pretty. The fact that they’re pre-mapped makes it so much easier for me to get ready in the morning without taking out boxes of all my different sizes and mapping them together. Massive time saver. Please don’t ever discontinue these. These are my new holy grail

Kia B.
I'm in LOVE😍

I'm the girl who loves to wear lashes but struggle to put them on. They are always the last part of my makeup routine. I've tried magnetic lashes. I loved those and they were much easier to apply but I found the the liner/glue was extremely thick, tacky and wet looking and would sometimes ruin your makeup look. Even if you just wanted to go natural and wear lashes only, you had to have liner on because that is how the lashes are put on. I've also tried individual lash extensions. Although the lash extensions are so pretty, they can be pretty expensive to get and keep up. They also thinned out my natural lashes and made them fall out so I stopped getting them. I've been looking for other alternatives and came across Lash Linx and I'm so glad I did!!!! They are affordable and so easy to apply!!! Because I struggle to apply lashes in general, I wanted to start out with the pre-mapped lashes and the MINX lashes are perfect!!! After you apply the first cluster, it becomes so easy. These lashes are so beautiful and give you the look of individual lash extensions!!! They're soft to the touch and not that hard plastic feel, which I was worried about. I think Lash Linx has a new customer for life!!!!!

First time buyer

LOVE LOVE LOVE. These are comfortable the band is SO thin and it’s at a great price. I highly recommend the product and shipping was quick! This was my first purchase with the company and I will be repurchasing!