How To Make Your Own Strip Lashes

Ever bought a strip lash and it was too long or too short or just didn't look right on your eye shape?

With LINX lash ribbons you can build your own strip lash. 

Make it a dolled eye or winged shaped just for your eyes. Make it however dense or length you want. 

Starting with a lash map is the best way so you know exactly which style of lash ribbon and what lengths are being used where. 

You want to start with the shortest length of lash ribbon because you will be building your strip lash upside down. 

**building both sides of strip lashes in sync is recommended**

To start you want to remove the entire lash ribbon from the tray. 

Measure the lash ribbon across your eyelids like you would a traditional strip lash and cut it. 

Now using your lash map, cut the desired lengths and/or style you wish to add on to the strip lash you just cut. 

After you have everything cut, take some adhesive and place it on the band of the strip lash you originally measured against your eyelid (should be the shortest length of lash) on an eyelash tray *optional* upside down. Again, we're building this strip lash upside. 

**wiggling the strip lash back and forth to create the natural curve of your eyelid helps while letting the adhesive get tacky before placing the strip lash on the tray**

Now you will add on the additional pieces that you cut to the strip lash using adhesive to complete your customized strip lash. 

Let it dry for about 5 mins and remove from tray. 

Now you have a custom build strip lash!

Items used:

N4 C curl 12mm

N4 C curl 14mm

N4 C curl 16mm

LINX Lash pad

LINX Applicator

Linx Adhesive

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