How To Clean Eyeshadow Off Your DIY Lash Extensions

Do you wear eyeshadow with your DIY lash extensions? 

If so, you probably are struggling with this problem.. Eyeshadow fall out on your lash extensions. 

Here's a DIY cleaning hack. 

Things you'll need: 

  1. Micellar water 
  2. Spooly
  3. 2 x cotton rounds

How to clean your lash extensions: 

  1. Soak 1 of your cotton rounds in micellar water
  2. Take that soaked cotton round and press it against your lips and blow until you get bubbles
  3. Take those bubbles and place it on your lash extensions. 
  4. Rub those bubbles into your lash extensions. 
  5. Take the spooly and brush your extensions.
  6. Now take the dry cotton round and pat your eyelash extensions dry. 

You'll see all the eyeshadow fall out on your cotton round :). 

Hope you learned something new 


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