Amazon DIY Lashes VS LINX DIY Lashes

While you can find more options of DIY lash extensions on Amazon, we at LINX will always test and find the quality in all our lashes. 

Here's a quick example of Amazon DIY lashes vs LINX N1 Lash Ribbon. I am testing the curl hold on these. 

Why curl? Because while you are sleeping with lashes, you can be putting pressure on your lashes depending on how you sleep. Other factors can go into holding a curl like humidity, water and heat as well. 

I took our N1 Lash Ribbons and some Amazon brand DIY lashes, placed them on our lash pad, smashed them down with the lash pad cover and placed a mirror on top of them. I originally only wanted to do this for 24 hours but to be honest, I forgot about them. 

A few days later, I got them back out and removed the plastic off the lash pad. Both lashes were smashed pretty well but once I removed them with my fingers to try to bring them back to life. Our N1's popped right back up while the other DIY lashes had a difficult time getting the fibers back into place. 



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